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tv   Eyewitness News at 430am  CBS  February 6, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EST

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dump truck accident of lanes of i495 to shut down. looking live at the scene, at this traffic tie-up. i495 is bypass for the country's busiest interstate. >> justin finch has just arrived in wilmington near the scene of the crash justin, good morning. >> off the 495 shoulder near 12th street. you can see behind us the accident is beginning here. on the four # 95 at 12th street. what we have here is a dump truck, separated on one side, the truck on another there was one driver involved in this crash here, and we are told he is injured, extent of his injuries not known this morning. however, the impact of the crash forced the truck to separate. now the investigation has
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shutdown both sides of the 495 here at 12th street. so drivers in the area are being forced off the highway at this portion back around the rec here. as you can see, there are a tractor-trailer being lifted onto a tow here, caring away. driver, we know, he is injuredment the extent not known here. the investigation is said to tie up traffic throughout the morning. so if you are in the area, going to work or school, you will want to re plan your route. live in wilmington, justin finch, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> justin, thank youment team coverage continues right now with vittoria in the traffic center more on the closures, vittoria? >> thank you so muchment us a justin said, you will have to re plan your route. with that incident occurring on the northbound side of 495 and the closure affecting both sides of the road. one, you can exit at 12th street and re-enter if you loop around. that's one option, or just stay on 95. but with the northbound and southbound closure at
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12th street on 495 in delaware, best alternate i would say would just be to take 59 and try to avoid that altogether. we'll continue to keep you updated on that. usually an incident this severe we tend to see the closure. i95 will be your best bet. otherwise, rush hour non-existent. if you are traveling in either direction of 95, right around the northeast part of philadelphia we're moving real well. no delays here. look right in bucks county, south philadelphia, the problem will lie again 495 in delaware itself. all of the bridges are moving exceptionally well. real now one out there. usually at 4:32 a.m. not dealing with too much, are we? moving to 95 northbound at the ram top cottman avenue, we do have construction, northeast commuter we experience that every early morning, careful of. that will if you are traveling on 422 between stowe and route 100 we do have some construction out there. so if that's where you are headed definitely want to be
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minds full of the guys and gals in the hard hats. meanwhile, checking on weather now with kate. >> i thank you vet tore y at least weather wise things are actually pretty tranquil for us, storm scan3 basically totally empty at this point. skies have cleared system has also cleared to. we take to you little zoom out here. again, virtually no cloud cover out there. so nice clear starlet sky for us but the winds still noticeable. it is no where near as blustery as yesterday was. it is still breezy enough that we've got windchill advisories posted up in the pocono region specifically until 10:00 this morning, where windchill values are easily as low as sub zero territory. so the kind of winds that can definitely make it pretty harsh, frankly dangerous outside for too long, not adequately prepared. thousand translates on the they are mom term, is 0 degrees. that's bad enough. and that winds is actually relatively modest. it is enough that it feels more like it is well below zero, up that way.
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fifteen below is her know fact how it feels at this hour, more like 6 degrees at the airport, single digit territory most of the rest of you. as the day progresses at least the sun is back, winter chill is too at least isn't back along with it, so expect to need the sunglasses here today, also nice heavy coat. will be a chilly one folks especially north. >> philadelphia police hope surveillance video will lead them to ever fired 17 shots that killed a man in kingsessing overnight. >> "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo joins us now at police headquarters where the homicide investigation is now underway. jan, good morning. >> erika ukee, good morning brutal attack overnight, as you mentioned this victim was shot 17 times. now, police are trying to figure out y and they are still searching for the suspects. take a look at the video. this shooting happened right around midnight in the 1400 block of south pack son street in kingsessing. that is when there were numerous calls about gunfire in the area. when police arrived they found a 51 year old man unconscious, shot in the face, in the body, lying on the
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sidewalk. he was pronounced dead by medics on scene. police say he was shot 17 times. at this point the motive is unclear, but investigators may have a lead. police have located surveillance cameras close by that may be able to help. >> we also found what appears to be the victim ace wallet laying just feet from the victim's body. so there is a possibility that this shooting and homicide is robbery-related. it is unusual to find the victim's wallet on the sidewalk next to his body. >> so the motive still unclear, what's also unclear how many suspect police are looking for. they do believe they are looking for two men, anyone with information of course is asked to call police. in the meantime of course they are looking at the surveillance camera, and at this point they say they cannot identify the man who was shot and killed right now quickly on scene because of the injuries to his face. reporting live outside of
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police headquarters, jan carabeo, "eyewitness news". >> we'll get back to you. also this morning woman forced to make daring escape from her burning center city condominium. they led her down ladder of the second floor of this home along 17th street. we're told she was checked out at the scene it, not need to go to the hospital. several pets were also rescued. there is mo word at the moment on what sparked that fire. >> philadelphia police are investigating an early morning robbery in a queen village bar. two mask men walk into the irish times bar at second and bainbridge shortly before 2:30 and cleaned out the cash register. at less one of them had a shotgun. no one was hurt. police are looking for those thieves. also overnight newly-released flight data shows both engines lost power just before this trans asia plane crash wednesday. the pilot can be heard on the cockpit recording saying an engine flamed out. the plane dove into the key lung river. thirty-five people were
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killed. eight still missing. >> philadelphia's firefighters union holding news conference today on an investigation into alleged on duty sex in the fire department. our i-team broke the story. sources tell "eyewitness news", seven male firefighters investigated for alleged on duty sex with a female member have been told they violated department policy and will face disciplinary action. sources say the seven can either except discipline or request administrative hearings. an attorney for the female member who was not under investigation declined comment. the philadelphia inspector general's office conducted the investigation. a status hearing scheduled for former philadelphia police detective rondo. he is charged with interfering with a murder investigation. investigators say he hid his girlfriends erika sanchez after sanchez allegedly stabbed a man to death in september of 2013. also accused of hiding evidence from fellow detectives. two philadelphia police officers are awaiting arraignment after a grand jury
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finds they lied about what led to the beating after suspect in 2013. surveillance video appears to show officers shawna mcknight and kevin robinson knocking riviera off his met or scooter, then reportedly throwing him against a wall and punching him. he fled as officers tried to issue a traffic violation. charges were dropped when his girlfriend found the video. officers took things too far and riviera was not resisting. >> what they did was totally ann prepare re at. totally improper. totally in violation of any policy any training, anything. >> when people flea, try to keep themselves from getting arrested sometimes officers use g force create injuries. that's the way it is. >> those officers were suspended with intent to dismiss. philadelphia district attorney, seth williams, will be joining us in our studio to discuss this case. new jersey governor chris christie and members of his administration in the hot seat facing allegation action they
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throughout assistant prosecutor say federal investigators interviewed him about those allegations. bennett said the interview lasted about an hour and 15 minutes. he was fired from the offers in 2010 and brought a whistle blower lawsuit against the governor and his team. christy's office did not respond to request for comment. new jersey attorney general's office declined to comment as well. foul, to the latest on the war against isis. jordan sent more than a dozen fire jet to bomb the terror group's hide outs in syria in response to the videotaped execution of a jordanian fighter pilot. us aircraft assisted in the bombings. now the white house says president obama will ask congress to authorize military action against isis in iraq and syria. we're following breaking news right now i4959 in delaware is closed in both directions we'll have up a date for you coming up. also ahead rocky back in philly we'll take you behind the scenes of the next rodge i sequel on the other side.
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>> updating breaking news right now, i4959 in wilmington is shutdown in both directions because of that, a dump truck this is near 12th street. you can see it hook up right now onto a rig. hopefully getting pulled out of there soon. allow traffic to resume. that will dump truck crashed across the north and southbound lanes looking live at the scene as they try to remove that vehicle. stay with us for more on this crash and vittoria will have the details here for you on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" coming up on the 3's. well, the grammy awards they are this weekend some of music's hottest stars are getting ready for the big night. >> ♪ ♪ >> that is trouble. four time grammy nominee, new song, with jennifer hudson. hat it is rehearse in the la yesterday ahead of their scheduled performance at clive davis' annual pre grammy parties saturday night.
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and back at the staples arena ceremonies seating arrangements are all set. there they are, sam smith, i am telling you, he is roaming. you got a fav? >> nicole kid man does she sing too, and i don't know it? >> got connections. >> you won't want to miss one moment. grammy awards once again this sunday february 8th. the show starts at 8:00 p.m. you can catch all of the action right here on cbs-3. >> just figured it out, isn't she married to a country star? >> oh, yes, that's right. >> there we go. >> that's right. >> problem solved. >> keith urban. >> front row. you got that right. italian stall yan is back. >> crews started shooting creed. cameras captured sylvester in kensington. >> this time around he is mend erring the grandson of apollo creed. got the hat on and everything. >> looking for home-grown talent. >> we're truly looking for everyone, all types of people. i mean, this movie is going to
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be a true representation of modern philadelphia. >> philadelphia really owns rocky so much. so that, you know, anywhere this film goes, anybody it touches, they just are all over it. >> creed will be shooting at various locations throughout the city until the end of march. so keep your eye out for sly and the other cast members too, exciting stuff. >> i hear a great story line, too, can't wait. >> can't wait to have it here. let's check in and get our forecast now with katie. how are we looking for our friday? >> definitely chilly out there. you can tell the poor crew folks were so cold outside. remember how the win start today crank? pretty brutal out there. storm scan3 at least that's quiet, staying empty. today, tomorrow, and most of sunday, but things do starting to downhill for us through the second half of sunday, which we will talk b see little bit of lake enhanced snow, little minor disturbance up that way. we do end up generally speaking with more sun than anything, and couple of clouds along the way. out to the live neighborhood
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network here, all calm. it is still a tad breezy, not terrible outside palmyra cove nature park. definitely nothing like what we saw yesterday. boy, have those temperatures plummeted. at 14 degrees at that particular observation site. generally dropped about 20 to 25 or more degrees since this same time yesterday. so it has definitely become a noticeable difference for you from one morning to the next. meanwhile, as we go throughout the rest of this morning, i really advise you bundle up adequately folks with windchills near zero, that is dangerous stuff if you're not smart about it, extra layers required or at least the heaviest layers with your winter gear. come saturday we start to see the combination every frontal boundery starting to drop n coy see maybe quick snow shower up in the poconos we do warm up, then come sunday this front will try to sag in, and it gets essentially stuck. so i think we start with clouds eventually we will start to see rain move in later in the day and then temperatures start to drop, likely see it begin to mix in with some sleet maybe some freezing rain or snow. now, at this point it does appear as though the
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precipitation station light for the area but will link near monday, so monday morning commute could easily be very slick. that said, this is one of those tricky forecasts we'll lay it right out there for you, so do you have stick with us on this one. that's as it stands right now what we're thinking for the way this is all going to go down. so it makes for word i forecast, lots of different pieces of the puzzle here, at least we stay dry through the first half of sunday. ukee back over to you. >> thank you katie. in sports the sixers take on the celtics in boston later tonight, boston's on two game winning streak. sixers coming off a win tuesday night over the nuggets. let's go to the ice now. flyers and islanders at the well. first period, and nick stores second goal in three games after 125 game scoring drought. but the flyers blue a two-goal lead in this one it, goes all the way to a shoot-out when the islanders would win this one, three to two. the owls break the flyers four-game winning streak. the any guys face the cavs sunday afternoon in south philly. now, during the game last night flyers announce
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defenseman continue man has been cleared to skate and will do it today at the skate zone in voorhees. that's good news, he's been out all season with blood clots in his leg and lungs. he has been taking blood thinners and the clout in his lung, we're told, has cleared but not the one in his rag leg. doctors assured the flyers that clot will not move. newest author in town signing books and not baseball. phillies first baseman ryan howard and his wife crystal held book signs in haverford to autograph copies of their children's book, little rhino. that's ryan's nickname. part of new series from scholastic books. ryan refused to answer any questions about his future with the phillies. pitchers and catchers report to clearwater for spring training in less than two weeks. >> suspended viking running back adrian peterson trying get back on the field and he's going to court to do it. >> lawyers for peterson at nfl players association will be in a federal court in minneapolis today. peterson suspended under the league's personal conduct
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policy for child abuse case involving what peterson's case was discipline one of his young son's. still ahead on "eyewitness news" this morning cookie lovers rejoice. >> i'm excited about this. all right we'll tell but a new flavor hitting shelves. first though, here's what they had tonight on cbs-3.
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here's what's going on this morning, a major road closure to tell you about all lanes of interstate 495 are closed at 12th street in wilmington after a truck accident. part of the truck is in the southbound lanes. part in the northbound lanes. the driver has been taken to a hospital. no word on the extent of that drivers injuries. vittoria will have some detours for you if you're in that area coming up. >> police searching for two gunmen want in the deadly shooting of 51 year old manna long the 1400 block of paxson street in kingsessing.
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investigators found 17 spent shell casings, and the victim's wallet found nearby. one person was rescued from this fire scene along the 300 block of south 17th street. the fire started on the second floor about 1:15 this morning. so far there is no word on a cause. time 4:51, let's get a check on business. >> jill wagner joins us from the new york stock exchange, one of the best weeks for the dow, how about it? >> yes, that's right, good morning, ukee, erika. all eyes on the government jobs report today. economists expect the unemployment rate for january will drop from 5.6% to 5.5 percent. so they'll really be look to go see layoff in the energy at this impact that number. the big question also for this report are paychecks finally getting any bigger. so even though a lot of people are getting back to work, wages actually fell in december. ukee erika? >> jill, i don't know if you know but we have snack table friday here at cbbs3, junk food friday, we may have to add a new flavor of or yost to
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the table? >> exactly, first, it was all about the special edition red velvet oreo for valentine day. now, we hear, oreo is rolling out a smors flavor. >> wow. >> apparently in the sample phase it features gram cracker flavored cookie, a layer of marsh melone and layer of chocolate. now, oreo won't confirm or deny the report. cookie experts expect, yes very serious stuff here, cookie experts expect it will hit store shelves this summer just in time for camping season, i guess will it be called oreo smorsio? >> also, how does one become a being i -- cookie expert? >> i would like to get on that panel. >> oh, it sounds delicious. >> i may have coined it actually. >> oh, okay, all right. it is all good. >> it would probably and great job. >> and i might need to come up for that friday cookie table. >> you're always welcome. >> indeed, if there is any left. >> thanks, jill.
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>> i love my smacks. coming up after a short break traffic and weathe
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let's get traffic and weather together. i know we're watching 495. vittoria? >> yes, thank you so much, erika, good morning everyone, so earlier this morning about 2:40 this morning on the northbound side of 495 in delaware at 12th street, we tractor-trailer accident. that accident over the course of this morning has closed both northbound and southbound signed every 495 at 12th street f you are traveling in and around that area, 59 is your best alternate. more details on, that but here's more detailed report of the wetter. >> weather is pretty quiet chilly granted. be ready for. that will bundle up adequately, at best the upper 20's is the expectation expect sunshine as it stands now, i want to jump you all the way into sunday evening specifically. that's when our next front decides it will stall out nearby. as it stands now it, starts with some rain, late in the day, then it may mix with sleet and snow, and that would
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be the best chance for accumulating snow leading into monday and monday night specially. so we're keeping close watch on this one we advise to you stick with us, because this will be certainly evolving situation over the course of the weekends. guys, back to you. >> katie, thank youment coming up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news", covering breaking news right now major highway torrey just talked about this, in o our area, it shutdown mode right now after truck crashed earlier this morning. we are there live with the effort to reopen that road. also, a young boy kidnapped by some of his own relatives. the wrong lesson police say his relatives were trying to teach him when we come back at the top of the hour.
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crews are trying to clean up a major mess on the highway ter a dump truck crashes in delaware around wilmington. the highway is still closed right now. live with the to ever reopen the road and the detour. also, new this morning, a man is killed in a hail of gunfire. more than dozen shots are fired. what detectives think is a possible motive for the deadly shooting, as they look for the person who pulled the trigger. it is friday, february 6th, good morning i'm ukee washington. >> i'm erika von tiehl. also this morning, you will need few minutes to warm that car up this morning. it is just down right cold this friday. katie says it is feeling like it is in the single digits. is that right katy? >> absolutely true. may feel even colder depending on your location, in fact, do have windchill advisory to tell but. i'll tell you where that's in effect, how long it is in effect, and also tracking more wintery weather for the
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weekends, full details are straight ahead. vittoria? >> as we were just talking about in the open 495 still currently closed, as a result that far truck accident. both northbound and southbound at 12th street. we will have alternates in a few more details in just a bit. ukee? >> vittoria, thank you. more on breaking news, interest truck accident injuries a driver and shuts down part of interstate 495 in new castle count. >> i crews trying to clear the recoinage time for your morning commute. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch joins you at the scene with the latest on that, good morning. >> erika, good morning, we have been watching the response to that crash throughout the morning being here, on the shoulder, just near the 12th street overpass here. that wreck just behind us here, as you can see perhaps now, the actual taj tore -- tractor being carried off the flatbed truck picking up other pieces across the highway there the tractor, rather, the dump portion still here on the grounds. this is the response right now to this rec that happened at about 2:40 this morning, we are told, that truck only vehicle involved in


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